Healthcare at the University

The University Health Care Centre is located at the campus Husova, near the Dining Hall in the building marked  F.

International students and staff are advised to ask a Czech speaking person for assistance when going to visit the physician for the first time. Don’t forget to take your insurance card with you!

Campus doctors

Since 1992 MUDr. Dagmar Švorcová has looked after the health of TULers and the neighbourhood community members.

General practitioner

MUDr.  Dagmar Švorcová
phone: +420 48 5353163


MUDr. Alexander Pimakhin
phone: +420 48 5353261

Halls of Residence Doctors

General practitioner

MUDr. Petra Lajžnerová
phone: + 420 607 888 930


MDDr. Karin Tomehová
phone: + 420 734 218 288

Liberec Hospital

In a major emergency, visit the Liberec Hospital.
Address: Husova 357/10, Liberec
phone : +420 485 311 111
See the map

Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Call 155 or 112 (communication in English or German).

Liberec Hospital Heliport