Student Services

We don’t want you just to carefully prepare for seminars and maintain high attendance at lectures. We know that sometimes it is not easy. That’s why we have a range of services that can make your studies a little easier and they can help you in difficult life situations.

Software for students

All students of the Technical University of Liberec will certainly find useful the computer software you can use free of charge, for example, the Microsoft Office 365 or GSuite office suite or Matlab and Simulink products.

Support and advice

If you have specific needs or suddenly find yourself in a difficult situation, take advantage of Academic Counseling and Support Centers. They will provide you with suitable conditions for studying in the event of a disability or help you solve mental or social problems that make your studies impossible.

Bezbariérový přístup


A university workshop provides access to various modern technologies – 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser, CNC, embroidery and more.

Kindergarten and playroom

Students’ parents will certainly appreciate the opportunity to put children in the ŠkaTULka university kindergarten or use the “Children’s Play Corner” at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education.

Mateřská škola ŠkaTULka