The scholarship is financial support for students fulfiling particular conditions. For example, we appreciate your extraordinary academic performance or we help you in a troublesome situation to make your study easier.

The scholarship rules are defined by the Stipendijní řád TUL. We provide a short summary here:

Accommodation scholarship

Do you live outside the Liberec region and do you study full-time at our university? Did you not exceed the standard study duration and did you enter your account number into the STAG? Then, you fulfil the conditions for accommodation scholarship. Students not living on dormitories are eligible too. 

How to

To gain the accommodation scholarship, you have to submit an application using the STAG system. The application form is available in the My Data section.

You can apply only once during your study at any time. If you apply until October 31 and you fulfil all the conditions, we grant you the scholarship since October 1 or since the date of your enrollment. If you apply later, the dean will grant the scholarship since the application date.

The scholarship will be sent to your account three times during the academic year – once in every second half of the month following the corresponding period (September to December, January to March, and April to June).

Social scholarship

Purpose of the social scholarship is to support students in adverse life conditions and to ease the study for them. You are eligible for the social scholarship if:

  • you receive child allowance,
  • decisive family income found for the child allowance does not exceed 1,5 times the family living minimum.

How to

To gain the social scholarship you have to submit an electronic application (using the STAG system) and document your demand by the confirmation titled “Sdělení pro účely přiznání stipendia” delivered to your Student Affairs Office.

The confirmation validity period is 21 months, then it must be renewed. If you fail to renew it, the scholarship will be terminated.

The social scholarship is paid every month excluding July and August. 

Merit scholarship

The merit scholarship is for students with extraordinary academic performance. It is administered by faculties, ask your faculty for rules and conditions.