University Doctoral School

The University Doctoral School centrally provides education of doctoral students through a series of lectures and seminars, where examples of good practice in terms of ethics of scientific work, text production, citations, academic writing, etc. are presented to students of doctoral study programmes.

The University Doctoral School aims to increase the knowledge and skills of doctoral students and to improve the quality of final doctoral theses.

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1. Three day seminars

Three days seminars are held twice a year off the TUL campus, usually in April and November. They are primarily intended for first-year PhD students, but upper-year students may also attend. A student can attend an off-site seminar only once.

The seminars focus on ethical issues in scientific work, practical skills in writing scientific documents and publications, research, the publication process and the issue of choosing the appropriate journal according to the focus of the work.

Next date: 17 – 19 April 2024

2. Academic Writing – Summer semester 2024

The course is designed to hone formal style of Anglo-American academic writing skills. Students are trained to cultivate specific academic writing habits and conventions in terms of structure, contents, and style. The purpose of the course is to guide them through the evidence-based statements, with a precise focus, objectivism and logical reasoning to clearly communicate scholarly ideas in a coherent and cohesive way. Advanced command of the English language is required. Within the subject, we will address cultural differences in writing, and outline the norms observed in academic writing in the Anglo-American writing culture. Students will gain explicit knowledge of the norms and the fundamental principles of producing effective and reader-friendly abstracts, introductions, and conclusions/discussions. We will also discuss various strategies and principles to help students become a more effective writer.

Course organisation:

  • Date: 22.2.2024 – 24.5.2024; every Thursday; 0:30 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Place: UNILAB
  • Registration (max 20 persons)

3. Technical English – Summer semester 2024

The course is focused on enhancing as well as broadening technical vocabulary, phrases and communicative skills in ESP (English for Special Purposes) at Technical University of Liberec. The course highly focuses on the critical and creative thinking in technical fields including complex analyses and innovations concerning the world-class excellence in engineering. Students have to work with authentic scientific materials, research outputs and research impacts. Mastery of advanced language level is needed.

Course organisation:

  • Date: 23.2.2024 – 24.5.2024; every Friday; 0:30 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Place: UNILAB
  • Registration (max 20 persons)

4. Academic writing courses

Academic writing is a style used in universities, colleges and professional publications. It is used in writing academic texts, publications, articles, books and dissertations.

The Academic Writing course will guide you through the entire writing process, introducing you to the principles in terms of content, structure and style of a professional text, including practical practice.

The course is taught in English in three consecutive blocks.

The next dates: will be designed

Place: will be designed

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