Prolongation of Visa

An application for extending the validity of a visa and the period of stay in the territory on a long-term visa is to be submitted to specific MOI office, for TUL students it is:

MOI office Liberec
Voroněžská 144/20
Liberec 460 01
Tel.: 974 320 850 information line (incl. telephone appointments)
Opening hours:   Mo, We: 8.00 – 17.00
                             Tu, Th: 8.00 – 14.00

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Basic information

The validity of a long-term visa and the period of stay in the territory, that is shorter than 1 year, can be extended by MOI on the request of foreign national, on condition that the purpose of stay persists unchanged and overall maximum duration does not extend the period of 1 year.

You are entitled to lodge an application for extension of the validity and of the stay on a long-term visa, on condition that your purpose of stay persists, at the earliest 90 days and at the latest before the period of validity or period of permitted stay in the territory expires.

If you are prevented from filing the application for reasons beyond your control, you are entitled to lodge this application within 3 working days after these reasons cease. You are obliged to indicate such reasons while submitting the application and to prove them upon the notice at the latest. Reasons indicated later will not be taken into consideration.

If the validity of a long-term visa expires before the decision on its extension is taken and if the application was submitted within the given time limit, this long-term visa is deemed to be valid and the period of stay on this long-term visa is to be extended until a decision is taken and comes into force. The right to stay on the territory will however cease before legal force of the decision on application in case of conviction to punishment of expulsion, due to the administrative expulsion of applicant, when application for international protection is lodged.

An application for extension of validity of the period of stay on a long-term visa is to be submitted in the official application for long-term visa form.

The validity of a long-term visa cannot be extended beyond one year.

All fees are paid to the MOI CR using stamps (kolek) at a specific value that can be purchased at any post office. Cash payments are only possible when obtaining a counterpart, duplicate, copy, photocopy or an extract from a file on a foreign national.  In other cases, due to anti-corruption measures, it is not possible to pay in cash or by banking card at an MOI office.

Documents you will need for the extension application

An application for extension of validity of the period of stay on a long-term visa shall be accompanied by following documents:

  1. a travel document,
  2. a document confirming the purpose of stay,
  3. proof of funds,
  4. proof of accommodation,
  5. proof of medical travel insurance, that corresponds to the specified conditions to the extent of comprehensive health care (not required if the foreign national subscribes to public health insurance or if the costs for health care are covered on the basis of an international agreement or if the foreign national can demonstrate that health care is covered in another manner), and, upon request, a proof of payment for the insurance presented in the document on the medical travel insurance. The insurance can be arranged exclusively with Pojišt’ovna VZP, a. s. (also can be concluded on-line)
  6. 1 photograph only if the applicant has changed his/her appearance
  7. upon request a document proving the fulfillment of conditions that prevent the introduction of the spread of infectious diseases.

Travel document, document confirming the purpose of stay and registrar documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate) shall be submitted in original. Certified copy is not sufficient for this purpose.

Do not miss…

The application for prolongation of the validity or duration of stay on the long term visa is inadmissible if:

  • not all of the requirements specified by law were submitted with it,
  • the administrative fee had not been paid upon the submission of the application,
  • it was not filed on the prescribed form.

In such a case, the Ministry of Interior returns the application form, all of the documents submitted, and the administrative fee to the foreign national who filed an inadmissible application, whilst informing him/her of the reasons for considering the application to be inadmissible.

Application for prolongation of validity of the leave to remain long term visa shall be submitted by applicant in person (the Ministry of Interior can only waive this obligation in well-substantiated cases).

If you have any questions, please contact the TUL International Office – – they are here to help you with the visa problematics. All information about the visa agenda can be found on the official MOI webpage.