About faculty


The history of the Technical University of Liberec goes back to 1953 when the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering was established. From that time onwards the College offered academic programmes in Mechanical Technology, and in the Design/Construction of Textile, Glass, Ceramics and other Machinery. These academic programmes and related research activities corresponded directly to typical industries found in Northern Bohemia. In the late 1950s, a new academic programme – Textile Technology – was offered at the College.

In 1960, the College was divided into two faculties, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Textile Engineering. Also, the name of the College was changed to the College of Mechanical and Textile Engineering.

Faculty today

  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provides and guarantees the expert level for all three study program types: bachelor studies, master studies, doctoral studies.
  • The basic and especially the applied research and development focus on the area that reflects the professional orientation of ten departments, i.e. material engineering, mechanics, competitive machines and equipment, and technological and production processes: materials, mechanics, construction, technology.
  • The Faculty offers and provides a wide scope of services, the scientific research contracting activities, and the lifetime education for the industrial field: materials, mechanics, construction, technology.