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Introducing our Alumni
The University’s alumni include some who have achieved outstanding success in a range of diverse fields. Below are just a few examples. If you know of any other prominent TUL alumni who you believe should be included here, please contact us at

Balaji Kumar

Ing. Balaji Bharath Kumar Subbiah B.E, M.Sc.

Automotive Buyer in the International Purchasing department, Škoda Auto
Double Degree Master’s in International Management , graduated in 2023

“To study at the TUL was the best choice of my youth. The University provided me with an overview in the study field I am involved „I would like to recommend TUL to individuals who are more interested in learning about international business & its environment in the global context and also to somebody who is always willing to expand & broaden their horizons at the international level. There is a wide spectrum of opportunities, future scope and potential prospects for the graduates who complete this Master’s course.“in today. Moreover, I got excited about it, which is not a usual thing at all. I built a network of professional contacts and personal friends, who have been with me for a long time now. And Liberec is a wonderful choice for your study life. Good luck to all of you.”

Nareerut Jariyapunya

M.Eng. Nareerut Jariyapunya Ph.D.

Lecturer in the field of Textile Engineering at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Thailand
Textile Engineering: Clothing Patternmaking Methods for Compression Garments, graduated in 2019

„TUL is very well-known in the field of Textile Engineering. Not only did I meet kind professors and lecturers who were willing to consult and support my research work, but it was also a happy life in Liberec. It was a great experience for my friends from different nations, and the cost of living here is reasonable. I strongly recommend TUL as an excellent opportunity for studying and living in a friendly environment with fresh air and mountains.“

Dr. Nayab Khan

Assistant Professor in the Department of Fibre and Textile Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Ph.D. in Textile Technics and Material Engineering, graduated in 2017

„I am proud to be a TUL student. I got lots of opportunities after graduating from the TUL, and it was a life changing experience for me. I saw some images of the Praha, Czechia on internet and I was astonished to see the beauty of Czechia. At that time I was looking for further studies. And I decided to come for higher studies in the Czechia.“

Wusu Sorie Nanday Kamara

Specialist at the BTL company, English Teacher with the Charity Semily in Semily
Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Technology from the Faculty of Health Studies, graduated in 2021 (Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Ostrava)

The TUL offers a wide range of programs that are not available in any of the Universities in my country. I strongly believe through collaborative effort we can successfully promote the TUL not only in my country but also in many other African countries.

Tiffany Drian

Master’s Degree in Applied Foreign Languages – Languages, Cultures, International Affairs (Asia-Pacific Track), graduation in 2025.

As a first-year college student at La Rochelle University in France, undertaking an internship is mandatory. My wish is to help create a welcoming environment for students and staff from abroad, and foster international relations in higher education. As such, taking part in the missions of the international department of TUL was the perfect opportunity to discover a concrete application of my goals. The TUL warmly welcomed me and trusted my skills. Always praising a proactive contribution in tasks given and caring about my well-being, everyone made me feel like I truly belonged to the team. If you are looking for a professional experience abroad, don’t look further. Try it at TUL!