Credit system

The credits are essential for the progress of your study. You gain credits by completing the study subjects – fulfilling all the equirements specified by your teacher, passing the exams atc.

Specific amount of credits is assigned to every study subject based on its difficulty.

How many credits do I need?

Minimal amount of credits necessary to complete the studies depends on its level:

  • bachelor: 180 credits,
  • follow-up master: 120 credits,
  • long-cycle master: 300 credits.

In general, it is necessary to gain 60 credits per year. If you fail this in a particular year, don’t panic. You can catch up on credits later. However, you have to gain at least the minimal amount of credits specified by the Study ad Examination Regulations. Failing this means you cannot enrol for the next academic year, and your study is over. Keep this in mind.

Compulsory subjects are not enough

When investigating your study programme, you may notice that all credits from the compulsory subjects are not sufficient to conclude the studies. Actually, there are three types of subjects providing credits:

Compulsory subjects are to be unconditionally completed during your study. They are the foundation of the study programme. Compulsory subjects in the first semester are fixed. For the rest of the studies, semesters for particular compulsory subjects are recommended.

Compulsory optional subjects allow you to adapt the studies to your needs. Every study programme provides an offer of several of these subjects. It also defines how many credits you have to gain in global from compulsory optional subjects. Which particular subjects you pick is up to you.

Optional subjects are some kind of saviours, allowing you to gain missing credits. They are not limited. You may enrol on any subject from any faculty. The only condition to enrol is to gain the agreement of the dean of the faculty teaching a given subject. Your student administration department will help you with how to proceed.

A few tips in conclusion

Read your study plan thoroughly. You learn how many compulsory optional and optional subjects you need to gain the required amount of credits.

Subject enrollment for the next academic year is at the end of the summer semester. The academic calendar defines a particular date.

If you fail to complete a particular subject, you can enrol it once more. A potential third enrollment is subject to the dean’s approval. In some cases, completion of a subject may be the condition to enrol another one.