Rector’s letter on teaching from April 26 and testing students

Dear colleagues,

According to the measure of the Ministry of Health of 19 April 2021, with effect from 24 April 2021, there is a partial renewal of full-time teaching regime at universities. Personal presence of students concerns:

  • practical teaching and internships of students in their final year of studies,
  • practical teaching and practice in all years of medical programmes,
  • pedagogical practical teaching and practice in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools,
  • participation in individual consultations (1 teacher + 1 student),
  • participation in exams (individual, and group up to 10 people in one room).

Detailed information on the organization of teaching will be published on the websites of the faculties.

Personal participation of students in education is allowed provided that the student does not have symptoms of COVID-19 and has a negative test result for COVID-19. It is not necessary to prove the negative test only in the case of individual consultations, and if the teacher agrees.

The university is also obliged to provide testing for COVID-19 disease for all students accommodated in dormitories, with a frequency of once every 7 days.

Preventive testing for COVID-19 for our students is provided by the Red Cross. Information on the place and time of testing will be published on the TUL website in the section of Measures against the spread of COVID-19.

Due to the great variability of students’ schedules, students can also submit a negative test for COVID-19 disease (POC antigen test or RT-PCR test) performed by a health care provider that is not older than 48 hours. Confirmation also means an SMS or e-mail about a negative test result sent by a health care provider.

The test does not have to be taken by a student who can prove that:

  • has undergone laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease, where no more than 90 days have elapsed since the first positive test for SARS-CoV-2,
  • has a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on vaccination against COVID-19, and at least 14 days have passed since the last dose of vaccine was applied.

The student is obliged to enter information about how he/she has fulfilled the conditions for entry to TUL into the information system (test reports for students will be available from April 26, 2021) – after entering, the student is sent a verification email, which will be shown to the teacher upon request. At the same time, entering the data will be understood as a student’s solemn declaration on the veracity of the above facts.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s appreciate the possibilities, albeit limited, of the full-time attendance at classes, let’s be considerate of each other and adhere to anti-epidemic measures.

Best regards,

doc. RNDr. Miroslav Brzezina, CSc.

(update 3. May 2021)

26. April 2021