TUL Rector's Order nr. 5/2020 effective 31th March, 2020:

TUL Rector's Order nr. 3/2020 effective 23th March, 2020:

Rector’s Order nr. 3/2020_Measures to Reduce the Risk_TUL Halls of Residence Rules

TUL Rector’s Order nr. 2/2020 update effective 12th March, 2020:

Business trips, Arrivals from Abroad
The TUL Rector immediately forbids all business trips as well as he recommends minimizing broadcasting to domestic business trips.

The following procedure must be followed when returning from a risk country or region: Persons (students and employees) arriving anywhere from abroad are ordered to contact TUL by telephone or by e-mail only.

Procedure for employees
Employees are ordered to contact their direct superior after returning from anywhere abroad (business or private trip), the direct superior will then decide about the following steps. It is highly recommended that the direct supervisor decides on a 14-day absence of the employee at TUL and orders to limit the contact with TUL to telephonic or written form. Employees will be allowed to stay outside their workplace, to a maximum possible extent, not to visit the TUL premises for a period of 14 days following their return from abroad. They will be allowed to work from home. Where this is not possible, obstacles to work on the employer’s side or other agreed action will be used. 

All students who have arrived or are about to arrive from abroad, are instructed not to attend educational buildings of TUL for a period of 14 days following their entry into the Czech Republic. Students will contact the study Department of their faculty by e-mail. The Study Department will provide them with up-to-date information regarding teaching and dormitories. Direct instruction is in accordance with the Emergency Measure of the Ministry of Health file no. MZDR 10676 / 2020-1 / MIN / KAN of 10 March 2020, which prohibited the personal presence of students in higher education institutions under Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On Higher Education, as amended, with effect from 10 3. 2020 from 6 pm until further notice.

TUL Rector's Order effective 10th March, 2020:

Following the Emergency Order of the Ministry of Education Ref. MZDR 10676/2020-1/MIN/KAN dated March 10, 2020 and according to the Act about universities – Act No. 111/1998 Coll., which prohibit students from attending courses on the university campuses, it is not allowed with the effect from March 10, 2020 at 6 p.m. until the further notice:

-       Personal participation of students in lectures, seminars, exercises, etc. in full-time and combined study courses, courses of Lifelong Learning Education and courses at the University of the Third Age. Teachers will substitute the students' personal participation in the teaching process, as far as possible, by distance learning. Please check regularly your TUL email accounts.

-       All academic ceremonies, cultural, sport and social events organized by TUL.

Students are recommended not to stay at TUL dormitories if possible.

An individual approach of the direct superior to non-academic staff with regard to their family situation (enabling the home-office) is recommended.

The Rector strongly recommends that heads of all TUL departments issue a total ban on business trips of their subordinate employees abroad.

Deans ensure that all staff and students at faculties are informed in such a way as to minimize potential risks.

For information, the Emergency Order of the Ministry of Health Ref. MZDR 10676/2020-1/MIN/KAN of March 10, 2020 and Ref. MZDR 10666/2020-1/MIN/KAN of March 10, 2020 are listed in the original Czech version.

Emergency Orders of the Ministry of Health

Contacts to TUL doctors:

MUDr. Dagmar Švorcová
phone: +420 485 353 262
Husova 1290/75, 460 01 Liberec 1 Czech Republic

MUDr. Petra Lajžnerová
phone: +420 607 888 930
17. listopadu 590/14, Liberec, Starý Harcov

Contact to the Regional Hygiene Station in Liberec:

MUDr. Jana Prattingerová
phone: +420 485 253 111