Workshop for International Students at TUL

Topic: Liberec Through Diary Writing.

Lecturer: MgA. Blanka Kirchner, PhD. from the Art department Faculty of Arts and Architecture TUL

Date: 24th May 2024

Time: 10:00 -13:00

Location: Faculty of Arts and Architecture TUL, meeting at 9:30 at IC, Studentská 2, Liberec

Application here

Deadline for application: Monday 20th May 2024

We are thrilled to invite you to a unique workshop experience focused on „Liberec Through Diary Writing.“
This workshop offers a creative space for reflecting on your journey and expressing it through the art of diary writing.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Methods of Writing a Diary: Explore various techniques and approaches to diary writing, from traditional journaling to digital platforms.
  • Participatory Artwork: Engage in a collaborative art project where each participant contributes one sentence to create a collective diary.
    We’ll use typewriters and cards to capture our thoughts and experiences in a tangible and interactive way.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is open to all international students who want to reflect on their experiences in Liberec and document them through diary writing. Whether you’re an avid writer or new to journaling, this workshop welcomes all levels of experience.


Contact person:

Blanka Kirchner

13. května 2024