Pozvánka na konferenci v Litvě „Societal Interactions: Rethinking Modern Issues“

SMK is organizing an international scientific conference „Societal Interactions: Rethinking Modern Issues“. The date of the conference is 9th December, 2021. The main areas of the conference would be as those:

  1. Creative economy
  2. Wealth, health and wellness trends
  3. Transition to a green economy
  4. Communication in the digital age / Digital democracy
  5. Educational innovations for human development

We kindly invite representatives of your institutions to become the members of the scientific committee of the conference. Would you please share this information within your institution?

We would be pleased if we could receive information about those who were interested by 20 th Sept., 2021:

  1. names of the scientists
  2. titles and PhD (eg. prof. PhD, assoc. prof. Phd)
  3. institution
  4. areas of scientific research and degree (eg. education science, management, economics, media, communication science, health, social sciences, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact me or my colleague dr. Inga Medžiunienė inga.medziuniene@dest.smk.lt

SMK University of Applied Social Sciences
Nemuno str. 2, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. +370 601 75094

13. září 2021