Reference absolventů

Provozovat takto unikátní studium má své výhody i pro nás. Jednou z nich je, že na rozdíl od ostatních si nemusíme vymýšlet reference. Píšou nám je totiž ochotně naši nadšení absolventi ve svém volném čase, aniž bychom to po nich žádali. Rádi předáme kontakt na některého z ních – určitě rádi zodpoví všechny tvé otázky.

Prozatím máme okolo 190 absolventů namíchaných převážně z Čechů, Němců a Poláků, ale nejsou výjimkou ani absolventi z Asie nebo Ameriky.

Co říkají naši absolventi

„Neisse University was really great, I really have bussiness thinking after Neisse Uni. I made great friendships, and I’ve some knowledge which I can use in practice. Thanks!”

„If you are looking for something unique, Neisse University is the place to go. It‘s the perfect way to grow as a personality. During your journey you will meet a lot of people from different countries, creating unforgettable memories. Because of that uncommon setting, living in three different countries in such a short period you‘ll certainly get the attention of most of the employers.”

„I Iearned a lot about myself, to grow, becoming self-confident – to work in a multinational team – to get a member of the community – NU is more than a banal study – it was an adventure – thanks for this experience.”

„I would not ever regret I did take the place. A+++ rating!”

„Google is interested in such people like us! I had an interview with them.”

„A very good cross-culture experience of a lifetime… My languege skills improved 100%”

„I expected new experiences, adventures and friendships… and this was wholly fulfilled.”

„Studying at Neisse University altogether was a great experience. Particularly living and studying in 3 different countries, the language diversity and the cohesion among the study group have been stuck in my memory. To my mind the seminars and lectures built a good knowledge base, and I was able to apply a few learned skills later in my career. Having selected a rather untypical course of studies attracted attention for further applications and has eventually been a great stepping stone for my acedemic and professional career…”

„I got the Job of my dream after finishing Neisse University.”

„It gave us so many benefits from being active in an international environment… I recommend it to everyone… there is no better choice!”

„During my master studies I applied for a job at Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile (TPCA) to become Information Systems specialist. I was hired immediately thanks to all the things I have learnt while studying at Neisse University and HSZG. I had deep knowledge about trends in IT plus my communication skills were high above average in the TPCA IS department. I personally recommend studying at Neisse University to everyone I meet. Neisse University is not only about the subject “Information and communication management”. It is school of life – you live abroad, you feed yourself, you deal with other people, you have the possibility to speak four languages a day, etc. And there is a bonus of an incredible looking CV which unlocks the first door to your dream career.”

„I learned how to solve many problems on my own, I became more responsible, self-confident.”

„I am really happy I had this possibility to study at Neisse University. If I would have second chance to decide about my bachelor studies, I will choose it again.”

„It was fantastic to study, live, an party in the international environment. I miss it today.”

„Neisse University is definitely a step out of your comfort zone – studying with foreigners in English, moving in and out, subjects that range from programming to psychology. But without it, I would not have been able to achieve what I did, both personally and professionally. Last but not least, one gets to know amazing people. Neisse University opened me the door to pursue an international career. If you are not sure what you want to do but you want to work around the world, I can only recommend applying as this is a really great start that can help you to find your way.”